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How To

Build from Source

Check out the source from the repository. Alea TK uses paket to manage its project dependencies. After checkout run

.paket\paket.exe restore

to download the required NuGet packages. Then open the Visual Studio solution and build the projects.

Build Documentation

The Alea TK online documentation relies on Pandoc.

  1. Install Python version 3, which is used for the local web server
  2. Install Pandoc version 1.16 or later
  3. Install the Pandoc filter pandoc-eqnos to handle equation numbers

    pip install pandoc-eqnos
  4. Check where pandoc-eqnos.exe is installed and add it to the path, usually it is in Python Installation\Python\Scripts

To build the documentation proceed as follows:

  1. Build the project Generate in the project folder tutorial\generate.
  2. Open Build.fsx, select all, right-click and choose Execute in Interactive to execute the script in the F# interactive console. If you cannot find that window open it via View → Other Windows → F# Interactive.
  3. Go to tutorial\output and start run_server.bat to launch a local web server. Open http://localhost:8080 in a browser to display the generated pages.

Adding New Tutorial Sample

To add a new sample create a new project in tutorial\samples. Add the required NuGet packages with paket

.paket\paket.exe add nuget Alea project <ProjectName>
.paket\paket.exe add nuget Alea.Parallel project <ProjectName>

Provide the meta information for the sample in SampleProject.fs:

let metaData = 
          Id = "0001"
          Title = "MNIST Digits Classificiation"
          Language = CSharp
          Tags = [ComputerVision; Regression; Classification; ConvolutionalNeuralNets]
          SourceCodeLink = sourceCodeLinkCsharp "MNIST"
          GitLink = gitLinkRoot + "MNIST"
          ImageLink = "images/gpu_device.svg"
          Src = "samples" @@ "MNIST"
      // add here new meta data

We expect the following markdown files in the project folder:

  • providing a short abstract of the samples
  • containing detailed explanations

You can use LaTex formulas including formula numbering and reference the formulas. Check out an existing sample for more details. If the existing classification tags are not enough, you can add a new class. A button to select that class will be automatically generated.

First rebuild the project Generate and then the documentation as explained above.